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Get timely, scalable mobile apps with our reliable, all-inclusive subscription, ensuring speed, transparency, and maintainability for business success
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How it works

Start your membership, get onboarded, and start seeing results in the first 72-hours
Once you subscribe, we will have an onboarding call to gather all the requirements and guide you through the development process
Discovery & Design
We will design and scope out your technical solution focused on business-outcomes
Collaboratively work on your solution with consistent feedback cycles to make sure you are looped-in on the progress
Review & Publish
After all of the feedback cycles, we get you ready to launch and make sure you get approved in the App Store and the Google Play Store
120+ businesses trust in us!

Building Mobile Solutions

Our suite of services transcends the ordinary, offering everything from the meticulous layout of editorial content to the vibrant designs of event graphics

Unleashing the Power of Software with our ultimate flatrate

Tailored for businesses seeking a rapid launch and long-term support, our subscription offers a seamless and cost-effective solution to meet all your software development needs

Rapid MVP Development

With our Rapid MVP (Minimum Viable Product) Development process we'll help you launch your app in less than 90 days

AI Mobile App Development

Your competition is investing into AI. We'll help you get the upper hand by building cutting-edge AI solutions

Subscription-Model Apps

The most successful app businesses operate on a recurring revenue model. We'll help you determine the right model for you, how to save on subscription cost and monetize your audience

Optimizing your business processes

Most small to mid-sized businesses have a lot of inefficiencies that can be easily solved with our automation services

You can get a step-ahead of your competition with proper employee-training and automated systems to make sure you never lose leads

We have done that for other businesses and can help you as well

Healthcare App Development

If you are a health-tech startup or a medical staffing agency, we can help you create an optimal business process and implement it with technology

Social Network Apps

Social networks are hard to build. You need to make sure to have proper systems in place to prevent unsavory content and you need to be ready for Facebook-like infinite scaling.

By working with us as your partner, we can guide you through this process from A to Z

Boris and his team are true experts in mobile technology. They know how to run a mobile tech team and be efficient.

Ryan Wong
Founder at Manaknightdigital

The first time I met Boris, I knew that he would end up being one of the best engineers I’ve ever worked with.

His technical expertise, drive to understand the business, and adaptability enabled him and his team to deliver high value for us. In a crowded market, you need an edge, and that's precisely what Boris' team gave us.

Their custom development services have empowered us to better serve our clients and grow our business. If you're looking to accelerate your aspirations, I can't recommend Boris and his team highly enough.

Tony Pericle
Founder and Executive Chairman of ProfitOptics, Inc

I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Priority Soft for a span of 3-4 years, and I am delighted to provide nothing but the highest commendations. Throughout our partnership, they have consistently demonstrated an exceptional degree of responsibility, expertise, and unwavering assistance across all our endeavors. Without hesitation, I wholeheartedly endorse them to fulfill your requirements as an app development agency and for comprehensive technology support. Their professionalism and friendly approach make them an ideal choice.

Jose Miguel
Founder and CEO at Datakraft

Their work on our telehealth app project was exemplary. Their extensive expertise in mobile app development and mastery of HIPAA compliance were evident in the excellent app he helped create. Their attention to detail and problem-solving skills truly stood out, as they always found solutions to challenges that arose.

These guys consistently delivered ahead of the proposed schedule, maintaining clear and constant communication throughout the process. Their commitment, professional conduct, and exceptional teamwork made the collaboration not only successful but also enjoyable.

Priority Soft comes highly recommended for any mobile app development task and we eagerly look forward to future opportunities to work with him. In summary, Priority Soft didn't just meet our expectations, he significantly exceeded them.

Lucas C
Founder and CEO at a Development Agency

A great experience, Devs can be hard to communicate with and not very consultative, but this guys discovery process is very interesting, really good communication, looking forward to getting my report, would recommend having a chat with him for sure

Arthur David Hill
Founder and CEO at Jocular Media

Boris is incredibly knowledgeable and efficient. He quickly learned my issue, reviewed the necessary information, and provided me the answers I need. I will definitely use his services again.

Xavier Staggs
The Fuel Counter

Boris was very professional and researched our topic well before our conversation. He was able to recommend us what to do and was very helpful.

Petr Placek

Maximizing Value with Priority Soft

Our model emerges as a powerful solution, offering a myriad of benefits to businesses of all sizes.


Subscribers can access high-quality development services at a fraction of the cost of hiring full-time developers or agencies, reducing overhead expenses.

Consistent Quality

With a subscription, your business receives a steady standard of professional software development, ensuring consistency and quality

Time Savings

Eliminates the time and effort involved in repeatedly searching for and vetting freelance developers for different projects


You can scale their development needs up or down based on your current project volume or budget, offering great adaptability.


You gain access to a pool of experienced and specialized developers, which might otherwise be beyond your reach.

Simplified Workflow

Streamlines the development process with set procedures, making it easier to manage projects and maintain timelines.

Updates and Iterations

Subscriptions often include the option for unlimited updates and revisions, ensuring that the solution we build is fully up to date with your needs

Predictable Budgeting

With a fixed subscription rate, you can better predict your monthly or annual expenses, aiding in more effective budget management.


Simple Pricing Plan for your needs

Standard Plan


Subscribe for endless possibilities with one straightforward monthly fee.

Gain unlimited access to our software solutions—no hidden fees, full control to pause or cancel anytime.
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Unlimited development requests
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why wouldn't I just hire a full-time developer?

Hiring a full-time developer is a significant investment in both time and money, including recruitment, salaries, benefits, and ongoing training to keep their skills up to date. By choosing Priority Soft, you gain access to a team of experts for a fraction of the cost, without any long-term commitments. Our flexible services adapt to your project's needs, ensuring you have the right talent at the right time.

What if I'm not satisfied with the solution?

Your satisfaction is our top priority. If you're not satisfied with the solution, we won't stop working until you're happy with the solution

Is there a refund policy?

Due to the high-quality nature of our services a refund won't be necessary

How much time does a task typically take?

The time required for a task depends on its complexity and scope. We start with a detailed analysis of your requirements to provide an estimated timeline upfront. For smaller tasks, we often deliver within a few days, while larger projects are broken down into milestones with respective timelines. Our priority is to maintain transparency and keep you updated on progress throughout the development process.

What happens if I don't need any development work for a certain month?

We understand that development needs can fluctuate. If you find yourself not needing our services for a certain month, you can simply pause your subscription and resume once you need our services again

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